HUPX and SEE Trading Tool / Month ahead

Month-ahead forecast

HUPX and SEE Trading Tool – Month ahead HUPX electricity price forecast

HUPX+SEE Trading Tool is published in mid-month for the front month (15 days before start of delivery).

Aim of the report is to provide insight, profit options and trading strategies against current OTC prices, especially in spread of HUPX with German and Italian prices

Report contains HUPX price forecast for the following month, buy/sell suggestions, analytics and forecasts regarding consumption, hydro generation, thermal generation, unavailability and maintenance of generation units, issues regarding transmission grid and reductions of cross-border NTCs, statistical data, market description and other info necessary for making month-ahead trading decisions.

Month-ahead HUPX price forecast you can be ordered at at the price of 420 EUR.

Download (PDF, HUPX-Price-Forecast-October-2021.pdf)